We work systematically on a parcel-by-parcel basis, according to the age, condition, seasonal variations and requirements of our gently sloping, south-facing vineyards.

We have re-introduced cover crops within the rows and manage the estate using only sustainable products and techniques in order to protect the environment. Careful canopy management, de-budding, crop thinning and ?de-leafing help us protect and maintain the correct yields and enhance the quality of fruit.

We prefer not to work to a set timetable, but rather observe and react to the ever-changing climate, the development of the vines and the maturity of the fruit, organizing the work on a what needs to be done basis throughout the year. At harvest-time, we pick according to the precision of our analysis and the ripeness of the grapes, which means that we may pass through an individual block two or even three times over several days to selectively gather only what is ready.

About Our Winemaking
Deep rich red in colour. There is a lovely placement of the ripe autumnal fruit and strong sense of hold, again showing why the merlot on the Right Bank has been so successful."

Clos Cantenac - Jane Anson